About Us


Welcome to RISE UP TRAINING Santa Monica, West LA’s first and only obstacle race training gym! Our mission is to empower people to shatter preconceptions about their limitations, realize and achieve their athletic potential and conquer obstacles both on the course and in life.

We do this through a well-rounded performance-based training program that helps develop our athletes in ALL areas that are required to be successful at racing – strength, power, speed, endurance, functional movement, grip and carry ability, and obstacle technique.

And yes, the minute you set foot into RUT, YOU are an athlete!

Our workouts are unlike any you’ve ever experienced in Los Angeles. You’ll work hard, you’ll have fun and you’ll learn how to do things you never imagined you could. Feel amazing, gain confidence and become a part of a healthy and supportive training and racing community, team and family.

When in the Long Beach area, be sure to visit RUT Camp™ -  the flagship RISE UP TRAINING gym in Signal Hill!

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Meet the Team

Rise Up Training Santa Monica is owned and operated by Robin and Michael Legat, who are partners in life as well as business. 

Their love story started as most do - through roller derby. Robin was a skater with the LA Derby Dolls and she met Michael at a fellow skater's birthday party. The rest, as they say, is history. 

History that included an epic roller derby proposal...

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And an equally epic roller derby wedding...

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Robin spent eleven years playing roller derby and Michael spent eleven years not seeing much of Robin while she was at practice. He became stats keeper and eventually DJ for the LA Derby Dolls as a way to get involved and spend more time with his wife.

Eventually Robin retired from roller derby and found a new sport that satisfied her need for a regular adrenaline rush - obstacle racing. She ran her first Spartan Race in December 2015 as an end-of-year bonding activity for her bootcampers. 

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Robin fully drank the Kool Aid and went all in on Spartan Races. In the years that followed, Robin has completed over fifty races and a combined total of six Spartan Trifectas (finishing at least one race of each of the three Spartan Race distances in one calendar year). She earned a Spartan SGX Certification and started training individuals and groups to prep for obstacle races. Robin has earned several age group podiums and in 2019, she earned a top 10 spot in the Spartan US National Series and an invitation to the 2019 Spartan World Championships.

Michael, however, was a slower convert.

He ran that first Spartan race with the bootcamp group at the end of 2015. And ran a few here and there...but wasn't in LOVE with it like Robin was. He struggled with obstacles and didn't adopt the "embrace the suck" philosophy quite as easily as Robin did.

But then something happened. He landed a spear throw at the Big Bear Sprint in October 2017. At that moment, something clicked.

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Ever since that moment where Michael saw his clear success at something incredibly challenging, he had a hunger to get even better. He upped his training, honed his nutrition and became a Spartan machine.

That also lined up with a defining moment for Robin. She attended a business mastermind retreat in the mountains in October 2017. It was at this retreat where she realized she needed to open a gym. The one thing holding her back was that she was unsure she would receive the support of her husband.

But the timing must have been just right. When Robin sat Michael down to talk about the idea of opening a gym, not only did he support it - but he wanted in. He was ready to do something where he could directly impact people's lives in a positive way. 

In March 2018, Robin & Michael signed the lease to their first gym. In May 2018, they partnered with Alisha Lopez and Timmie Brann, founders of Rise Up Training in Long Beach to officially open RUT's second location in Santa Monica. Robin & Michael are thrilled to bring obstacle race training and the encouraging, supportive and community-based attitude behind RUT to Los Angeles!

Our Roles


Robin Legat
Co-owner/Spartan SGX Coach/Head Coach

Coach Robin is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Spartan SGX Level 2 coach with seven years of experience in group fitness and personal training. As a late in life athlete and an over 40 athlete, Robin's mission is to help people be able to believe in and explore their athletic potential, regardless of age or fitness background. 


Michael Legat
Co-owner/Manager/Coach/Master of Playlists

Michael is responsible for keeping everything running smoothly at RUT SM. He's also responsible for all the bangin' playlists you hear in the gym. He's like the Hair Club for Men guy - he's not just an owner...he's also a member. And one of our greatest success stories! 

When not at the gym, Robin & Michael enjoy re-living the 80s and hanging out with their adorable Spartan Cats - England Dan and John Ford Coley.

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