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RUTSM is a great magnet for really cool and relaxed people that take their functional training seriously: there is a healthy competitiveness that makes you improve but also an amazing camaraderie that pulls everyone up to the next level.

My results in numbers:
January 2019 -- I couldn't hang from a bar --- I had never climbed a rope and I weighted 220lb. My fastest mile was 10min/mile, 5k pace was ~10.5 min/mile

July 2019 -- I can do monkey bars, rope climb, beater, multi-rig, climb 6 and 7 ft wall (not yet the 8ft). Weight is at 196lb, I have great energy and my 10k pace is constant around 9min/mile (even with some ~3% hills).

If you want to crush your race while having an amazing time in the process, this is the gym for you.... and you'll probably see me there!

-Carlos O.
Los Angeles, CA


I've recently found that I love obstacle course racing. I'm necessarily good at it…but I want to be. I was looking for a gym or trainer that could help me improve my skills. That said, I mostly hate hate running. Like a lot! I do it anyway, usually with a scowl. The way cardio was incorporated in to the training worked well for me. I definitely noticed effectiveness when tracking my workouts. Typically in an hour class I burn about 350 calories, but with the RUT workout, I was averaging around 500. I enjoy the mix of exercises and I never felt bored or like I was doing the same thing in every class. I felt very confident in my Spartan Stadium race and was surprised by my endurance.

I would absolutely recommend Rise Up Training Santa Monica to others. The workouts are fun, effective and always interesting. Robin is very committed and passionate about what she does. This isn't just a business, she is fully committed. She seems to really take a genuine interest in her clients’ goals and help them achieve those goals.

-Keana M
Los Angeles, CA


I was always interested in obstacle course racing as a hobby, and I have wanted to get into the kind of shape I see others in where they are able to get themselves through those races in a competitive manner. After training with Robin, I finished the Spartan Stadium Sprint in 1:27, which is kind of insane for someone who pretty much only used the our Track Tuesday workouts as training. I also was able to PR back squat 155lbs recently in Crossfit, and I 100% feel the Spartan training and the Spartan Race prepared me for that PR.

I love the positivity, accessibility, and fun of Robin’s training! I never feel as if working with Robin is a chore, and I also never feel as though getting the kind of results Robin herself has achieved is unattainable, though of course it takes hard, hard work. love getting a kick-ass workout without feeling pressure to push too far beyond my limit. Because of this, I DO feel myself able to reach beyond my threshold which I attribute to a relaxed and positive environment.

I would 100% recommend Robin to someone who has been running races competitively for years as well as someone who has never done a fitness class in their life. I will say though, I would definitely encourage someone who has not done much fitness activity to especially check out Robin and her offerings, due to reasons I mentioned above. However, Robin is also kick-ass and super fit and knowledgeable, and I know that if she had a battalion of elites, she’d be able to test their limits!

Ultimately, I love that Robin loves what she does, and loves helping people reach their goals. I also love that she espouses the belief that there is no age or level of ability that is too old or too novice to begin an incredible fitness journey!

- Kristen B.
Los Angeles, CA